The South African Film Institute (T/A) Creative Arts College is an accredited Educational Institute. Creative Arts College offers accredited and industry relevant programmes that is globally recognised. Creative Arts College is a specialised institute focusing on vocational and occupational education in the Creative Media sector.

At Creative Arts College we pride ourself in being an ethical organisation with genuine care for the growth and development of our learners and industry alike. We believe that offering quality education is how we as an organisation will progress and best meet our mandate to develop the Creative Media sector. Understanding the education landscape will help you make an informed decision which reflects on the success of your career. We hope that you find this supporting information beneficial.


DHET : Department of Higher Education and Training
QCTO : Quality Council for Trade and Occupations
SETA : Sector of Education and Training Aithority
MICT-SETA : Media, Information, Communication and Technology -SETA
SAQA : South African Qualifications Authority
NQF : National Qualifications Framework

The DHET is the foremost Educational Authority in South Africa. The DHET has 3 quality councils which executes its education and training mandate. The 3 councils are UMALUSI, CHE and QCTO. The QCTO has a direct focus on education and training relevant to the workplace. There are many SETA's each of which focuses on a specific sector and fall under the Quality Council for Trade and Occupations.



MICT –SETA is one of the many SETA's that fall under the DHET through the QCTO. Creative Arts College is registered with MICT-SETA as our primary SETA due to the fact that our key focus areas such as Media and Communication, falls within the scope of this particular SETA. The qualifications offered through MICT-SETA are recognised by SAQA and are registered on their National Qualification Framework (NQF).



A national qualification is a qualification registered on the National Qualification Framework and quality assured by a South African Quality Assurance Authority such as QCTO, CHE or UMALUSI.


A Skills programme is a provider based programme designed to meet an immediate need of a specific sector as per industry demand. A skills programme focuses on a set of skills that can be applied as a trade seamlessly whilst addressing certain skills gaps that currently exist.

All our qualifications are registered with their relevant authorities and our skills programmes are designed and implemented with the highest of consideration for quality delivery and value.


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